How to lay baby down – FAQ – Creating Sweet Dreams

– Who is This For?
My program works most effectively for parents who:

Prefer a gentle solution to sleep issues at night
Are willing to implement a day time schedule that will support night time sleep
Are ready to have a full nights sleep again!

How Long Does it Take?
Each plan is custom created for your little one and where they are at developmentally. Once they are at the correct weight, age, you can be on your way to restful sleep in as few as 7 nights!


What if They Regress?
Sleep “regressions” occur when your baby hits a development milestone and during growth spurts. When this happens, adjusting their schedule and doing another 1 to 2 nights of sleep training will get them back on track.

What is the Cost of Sleep Training?
We have a wide variety of support that can accommodate all budgets.

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