European Baby Formula- Major Sleep Regressions in the First Year

– When you think of sleep in the first year so many things will come to mind. When will your baby start sleeping through the night is usually the first one. This is followed by my baby was sleeping through the night and no longer is….regressions ….WHY? To when should my baby be napping? Does my baby nap enough? Finally we are to no more questions and simply making statements……My baby is overtired because they don’t sleep day or night…..They can’t sleep…..My baby is broken….and so am I!!

All jokes aside, this is a tough thing for the majority of parents during the first year. Baby Created Sleep was built to give parents a better understanding of sleep development in the first year and tools on how to approach both daytime and night time sleep.

I am breaking down the biggest milestones in sleep, the famous “ SLEEP REGRESSIONS”.

So why would a baby go from sleeping extended hours in the night to waking up every 1-3 hours again?

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