What Medicines Can an Infant Have?

medicine for babies

If your baby is feeling unwell, it may be tempting to give them something from your medicine cabinet to treat it. However, adult medicine can be very dangerous for babies. Instead, you should stock a separate supply of infant-approved medicine and other necessities in your nursery’s bathroom.

Let’s talk about some of the medications approved for babies and what you should have in your baby’s medicine cabinet.

What medicines can an infant have?

One important staple in your child’s medicine cabinet is a fever reducer. Sometimes infants get fevers, and they can be very difficult to settle when they are feeling under the weather. It is also important to relieve the fever as fast as possible, so a fever reducer such as infant aspirin or ibuprofen can be beneficial.

It is also important to stash wound cream and diaper rash cream inside your baby’s medicine cabinet. Both of these products have important ingredients to relieve your child’s suffering. Despite this, it is important to check with your pediatrician before giving your baby anything over-the-counter.

Some other beneficial products you should have in your baby’s bathroom are a rectal thermometer, a bulb syringe, and baby oil. A rectal thermometer is the best and most accurate way to take your baby’s temperature. A bulb syringe can be beneficial because babies are not able to blow their noses, and finally, baby oil can be the perfect antidote for your baby’s skin if it gets too dry.

When your baby gets sick, your first thought may be to give them something from your medicine cabinet. However, this is a bad idea. Adult medicine can often be too strong for babies, so the best thing to do is stock up on baby-approved medicine well before your baby falls ill.

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