Helping a Toddler with a Cough or Cold

helping a baby with cough or cold

Colds are common in young children, especially when they start interacting with other kids and going to school. Exposure to germs helps your child develop an immune system, and it’s important to help your child feel comfortable and manage their symptoms so they can recover from their cold or cough as soon as possible.

How to help a toddler with a cough or cold

Children get sick regularly, and a cough can last up to two weeks. Most coughs are due to common viruses that have no cure, and unless the cough is extreme or comes with other symptoms, your best solutions will be found at home.

When it comes to coughs, all coughs are not created equally. If the cough is a deep cough coming from the chest, it is probably due to mucus in the airway. A tight cough from the upper throat is due to an infection or swelling around the voicebox. A mild cough with sniffing is likely because of postnasal drip in the back of your child’s throat.

One of the best remedies for coughing or a cold is saline nasal drops. You can use these with a nasal syringe, and saline drops can help soften mucus to remove it. If you cannot get the nasal drops into your toddler’s nose, a warm bath can also clear the nasal passage and soften mucus.

You can also offer your child fluids and honey. Stay hydrated is very important when your child is sick, and the best way to ensure that housing enough water is to make sure that they drink one serving of water for each year of their life. For example, a two-year-old needs a minimum of two servings of water per day. You can also offer honey because this natural sweetener helps soothe a sore throat.

Coughs and colds are common, and they help your baby develop their immune system. A cough can linger for two weeks, but if it lasts for longer, is persistent, or comes with a high fever, it may be necessary to pay a visit to your child’s pediatrician.

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