What is Sleep by Rachelle?

With nearly two decades of experience and training, Rachelle is a sleep expert with a proven sleep program that has benefited countless sleepless babies and their tired parents. Sleep by Rachelle is about more than simple sleep tips; it’s an educated, full-service sleep training program that is unique to your baby and co-created by you.  

How is Sleep by Rachelle different?

Rachelle created the Sleep by Rachelle method after years of connecting the dots between babies’ nutrition, the development of sleep, and healthy sleep associations. She also realized that harsher sleep training methods were making parents’ nights even more difficult and that they deserved gentle sleep plans that empowered and educated them, not discouraged them.

Thankfully, Rachelle listened to her instincts and, since developing her sleep method, has worked with over 5,000 families to create a sleep solution. Each of her client families has its own unique history, personalities, and needs, but Rachelle has been able to help each of them find peaceful sleep — sleep that is unique to their baby and their family.

How does this method work?

Rachelle knows each baby is different, which is why each plan in the Sleep by Rachelle method is written specifically for your baby and his or her needs. It’s also why she supports each family through sleep transitions and why she makes sure you never feel alone or exhausted.

Sleep by Rachelle’s method is gentle for both baby and parents because Rachelle knows it’s not easy listening to your baby cry. With Rachelle’s sleep method, you will:

  • Know what your baby is telling you when he or she wakes
  • Be able to soothe your child
  • Connect with your baby throughout the day and night
  • Achieve a full night’s sleep

This happens by working with your baby’s developing systems: Rachelle helps you build a strong daytime schedule that will support your baby’s healthy sleep during the night. To build this stronger schedule, Rachelle works with you to understand your baby’s:


With Sleep by Rachelle, you get a fully customized plan that takes into account each of your baby’s systems, how to work with them (rather than against them), and how to make small shifts that can help you and your baby sleep. Whether you have a single baby, triplets, a newborn, or a toddler, Rachelle has a plan for you!

In addition to knowing why your baby wakes and how to fix it (finally), Sleep by Rachelle clients will receive so much more than a simple sleep plan… 

To get started, fill out this Complimentary Sleep Assessment so I can be prepared for your call.