When Do Baby Teeth Come In

Baby Teeth

Most people have primary teeth inside the gums when they’re born. These teeth will come through the gums later, and the eruption of baby teeth varies from person to person.

Let’s talk about when you can expect your baby’s teeth to come in.

When do baby teeth come in

Generally speaking, you can expect four teeth every six months after your baby is born. Teeth also come in a certain way.

In the first 6 to 12 months, your baby’s two front bottom and top teeth will pop through their gums. At 10 to 16 months, the lateral incisors will come through. At 16 to 23 months, the canines or pointy teeth will come in. It is also possible that some of the first molars will also show up. Finally, at 23 to 33 months, your baby’s second molars will come in.

It takes about three years for your baby’s teeth to come all the way in, and they mirror the way your baby develops eating, chewing, and speech. Your baby’s first teeth start coming in as they begin eating solid foods and saying their first words. These first teeth are temporary, and only three years after your baby has a full mouth of baby teeth, the teeth will start falling out.

Every baby has a different reaction to teething. Some babies experience little discomfort, while others may be upset and fussy. If your baby is uncomfortable, you can rub their gums, keep their gums cool, or try over-the-counter pain remedies.

To take good care of your baby’s mouth, you should schedule a dentist appointment once you see your baby’s first set of teeth. This is also the time to teach a baby proper brushing techniques that will set them up for good dental care for the rest of their lives.

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