Is My Newborn Getting Enough Sleep?

newborn getting sleep

Between the diaper changes and feeding sessions, newborns have a busy schedule. Babies often fall asleep during the day, but because you have to wake them up frequently to eat, you may be wondering if your baby is getting enough sleep.

Is my newborn getting enough sleep?

Infants typically sleep from 16 to 18 hours a day, and their sleep patterns can be erratic because they do not have an internal biological clock or circadian rhythm. It’s also important to note that all babies are different. Newborns may sleep more, while a baby dealing with colic may sleep far less.

Because your baby’s sleep schedule is unregulated by daytime and nighttime schedules, they may not have much of a pattern in how they sleep. However, you can expect your newborn to sleep around nine hours a night with three naps. Once your baby is a year old, they may be sleeping 11 hours at night with two naps during the day. The number of hours they need starts at around 15 hours and will decrease to approximately 14 hours by a year old.

Regardless of the standards, all babies are different. If your infant’s sleep pattern deviates from what’s normal, it’s not a cause for alarm. As long as they are eating well and filling their diaper, you do not need to worry if your baby is sleeping enough. On the other hand, if your baby seems tired, overstimulated, or cranky, it can be a cause for concern.

Infants have a busy schedule between diaper changes and feeding schedules, but they also require plenty of sleep. At the beginning of your baby’s life, they may be sleeping nearly 16 hours a day. That will decrease over time. It’s important to note that as long as your baby is eating well and filling their diaper, they’re probably getting enough sleep. On the other hand, if they seem cranky or overstimulated, it may be necessary to call your pediatrician.

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