What are the First Real Foods You Should Give Your Baby?

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One of your baby’s most important milestones is starting solids. Babies can start solids between four and six months, but it still depends on your baby. Before starting a baby on solids, it’s important for them to lose their tongue-thrust reflex. They also need to sit upright and hold their head up. Here are some tips on introducing solid foods to your baby.

What are the first real foods you should give your baby?

While the thought of weaning your baby may be exciting, it’s important not to rush this milestone. Most babies are ready to start solids between five and six months, but you should never begin solids before four months. Once your baby starts solids, the American Association of Pediatricians recommends continuing to breast-feed for as long as possible.

One of the best foods to start your baby on is iron-fortified single-grain cereal. These are ideal because your baby’s iron will reach an all-time low around nine months. The best way to introduce this food to your baby is to mix a teaspoon of single-grain cereal with four to five teaspoons of breast milk or formula.

At first, this process may be messy, and most of it may end up on your baby’s chin. If your baby seems uninterested or refuses to eat after one mouthful, you should not force your baby to eat. However, once your baby gets used to swallowing the watery cereal, you can start using less milk and more cereal.

At the same time, you can introduce your baby to pureed vegetables, fruits, and meats. The AAP believes that introducing your baby to common allergenic foods can reduce the risk of your baby developing a food allergy, especially if your child is at risk. Common allergenic foods are peanuts, eggs, and dairy.

When introducing a baby to solid foods, it’s important to go slowly and read your baby’s cues. If your baby seems disinterested in eating solids, then it is important to pull back and do what is best for you and your child.

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