When Should You Sign Your Toddler Up for Preschool?

signing up for preschool

The average starting age for preschool is between three and four, But the Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines the preschool age range between three and five years old. Most preschools start accepting children at 2 ½, but since everything is different, there’s no magic number as to when they should start preschool.

When should you sign your toddler up for preschool?

Being ready for preschool is much more about developmental factors than chronological age, and preschool can be detrimental for a child who is not prepared to go. There are many things to consider before signing a child up for preschool, such as separation anxiety, social development, And potty training.

Your child may know their colors, letters, and how to count, but it’s important to make sure that your child is ready emotionally for the day-to-day challenges they would face in preschool. If your child is comfortable being away from you, this exhibits the ideal emotional maturity for preschool.

The next question is about social development. If your child doesn’t have a lot of experience playing with other kids, they may not be ready for preschool. The usual age where children start playing with each other is around three years old, so if you enroll your kid in preschool, it’s important to make sure they know how to treat other children before going to the classroom.

Finally, it’s important for your child to be fully potty-trained before starting preschool. There are some preschools that will help with potty training, but most of them require your child be potty trained before enrolling.

Most preschools start accepting children at 2 ½, but that doesn’t mean your child is ready. Preschool is much more about a child’s emotional development than it is about their chronological age. When deciding if your child is ready for preschool, you should ask yourself if they are emotionally prepared to be away from you for a long time, how well they play with other children, and if they are fully potty trained.

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