How to Deal with a Sick Baby

dealing with a sick baby

If your baby hasn’t gotten sick yet, they will, and a sick baby is rarely a happy one. When your baby is sick, they will be fussy and difficult to console. The first thing to do is to consult your pediatrician. They will give instructions on medicating your baby, but after that, you have to wait it out. Here are three tips for caring for your sick baby.

How to deal with a sick baby

  1. Give them plenty of liquids. When your baby is sick, it is important to avoid dehydration by ensuring they get plenty of fluids. If you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you may need to offer your baby the breast or bottle more frequently for hydration and comfort. Don’t expect your baby to feed for the same time while they’re sick, so you may have to feed more often during this time.
  2. Make sure they rest a lot. Thankfully, even though your baby will be fussy, they will need plenty of rest. Rest not only helps your baby heal, but it can help soothe them as well. While they’re sick, don’t hesitate to put your baby to bed early and encourage naps. You also want to avoid overstimulating situations and places where they may encounter more germs.
  3. Nose drops and a nasal syringe. Finally, one terrible part of being sick is congestion. If your baby is particularly congested, you can use saline drops, gel, or spray to help relieve them. After you have used nose drops, you can use a nasal syringe in your baby’s nose. This can be particularly useful before feeding, at bedtime, or at any point where your baby seems particularly congested.

Dealing with a sick baby can be stressful for you and your baby, but it is unavoidable.  At some point, your baby will become ill, and they may be fussy and cranky for several days. Once you contact your pediatrician, it’s all about keeping your baby comfortable until the illness has run its course.

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