Dealing with Sleep Deprivation with a Newborn

sleep deprivation

Most babies start sleeping through the night around three months old. However, before that point, newborns need constant attention. They need to eat almost every two hours, and they need their diaper changed just as often.

Here are three tips for dealing with sleep deprivation during the first three months of your baby’s life.

THREE Tips For Dealing with Sleep Deprivation with a Newborn

  1. Go to bed earlier or try relaxation exercises. Even though you know you’re going to be interrupted during the night, going to bed earlier can be beneficial to getting more hours of sleep. Instead of staying up to your usual bedtime, turn in a couple hours earlier or try relaxation exercises, such as deep breathing, taking a bath, or getting into a good book.
  2. Slide in more exercise. It may seem counterintuitive, but getting enough exercise can help you feel less tired. One of the easiest forms of exercise as your body is walking. Walking is a low-impact exercise that you can do every day with your baby, even if it is just going around the block.
  3. Ask family and friends for extra support. Finally, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your friends or family. If possible, you can ask a relative or a friend to come over and watch your baby while you take a nap. If you’re raising your baby by yourself, it may be beneficial to ask a loved one to stay with you for a few days so you can get some much-needed rest.

The newborn stage will not last forever, but sleep deprivation is normal for the first three months of your baby’s life. Your baby will need around-the-clock care, and it can be almost impossible to get a good amount of rest. If you are struggling with sleep deprivation, consider going to bed earlier, getting more exercise, or asking a friend or relative to help you.

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