When Does a Baby Become a Toddler?

baby becoming toddler

When a child reaches a year of age, they become a toddler. Toddlers can vary a lot in their size, shape, and what milestones they’ve reached, but even then, there is a well-defined timeframe where most toddlers will reach their developmental milestones.

When does a baby become a toddler?

All children develop at different rates, but one thing that is universal with toddlers is that they need plenty of sleep. Toddlers need about 12 to 13 hours of sleep over 24 hours. They can have a long sleep overnight and then have one or two shorter naps during the day.

Between 12 and 15 months, most toddlers will be able to stand up with support and start walking. During this time, they will also begin to understand how other people feel, and they may mimic these emotions by looking sad when someone else is, for example. Your toddler will also start hugging you, pointing to body parts and favorite things, and following simple instructions.

Between 15 to 18 months, toddlers will have a lot more control over their hand and arm muscles, and they may now want to assist with getting dressed. They will start attempting skills like using a pencil or drinking from a cup, and their fine motor skills will be developed enough to start picking up smaller objects.

At this stage, your toddler can develop a sense of embarrassment and self-awareness, and they may get anxious if people are watching them. They will also recognize their names, follow simple instructions without being prompted by gestures, and recognize themselves in the mirror.

Growing up can be very overwhelming, and many developmental milestones happen in your baby’s second year of life. To help your toddler develop with confidence, you should show lots of warmth and love, play with them, talk to them, and encourage them to try new skills and explore the world around them.

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