How to Burp a Baby

how to burp a baby

Burping your baby is a necessary part of feeding because when your baby drinks, they swallow air along with the milk or formula. These air bubbles in their tummy can make them feel uncomfortable and full before they’re finished eating.

How to burp a baby

The best way to burp your baby is to take a moment halfway through the feeding, position your baby on your shoulder, face down over your lap, or sitting up. Once they are positioned properly, place a burp cloth or a bib between your outfit and your baby’s mouth, and then give your baby a gentle pat on the left side of their back. A gentle pat or rub is enough for most babies, but some babies may require slightly harder pats.

The three major burping positions are over your shoulder, face down over your lap, and sitting upright. Once your baby can hold their head up, you can walk around with them upright in front of you. 

The over-your-shoulder position is the most commonly used burping position, and it is where you have your baby against your shoulder with their bottom supported by one hand. Facedown over your lap requires the baby to be across your legs, with their head on one leg and their stomach on the other. The last position is sitting up. While your baby is in a seated position over your lap, you support the baby’s head and chest with one arm while you rub their back with the other.

Ideally, you should burp your baby at least one time halfway through the feeding. For bottle-feeding, you should burp them every 2 to 3 ounces. When you are breast-feeding, it’s easiest to burp the baby when they switch from one breast to the other. Remember, a baby that has swallowed too much air may stop eating because they feel uncomfortable, so it’s important to see if a baby is still hungry once you have burped them.

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