When Do Babies Roll Over?

when do babies roll over

In the first year of life, babies have many milestones to reach. One of the first major milestones is reaching their birth weight. Another milestone is learning how to control their head. Once your baby learns how to sit independently, they will usually learn to roll over.

When do babies roll over?

Your baby may be able to kick himself from their tummy to their back as early as four months old. However, it may take your baby five to six months to flip from their back to their front because this process requires more neck and arm muscles than the other maneuver.

Rolling over is a complex movement, and it takes several months for your baby to develop the skills. At three months, your baby will lift their head and shoulders using their arms for support. These mini push-ups help your baby strengthen the muscles they will use to roll over.

At five months old, your baby will probably be able to lift their head, push up on their arms, and arch their back to raise their chest off the ground. They may even rock on their stomach, kick their legs, or make swimming motions with their arms. All of these little movements help to develop the muscles they need to roll over.

The first time your baby flips over may be a surprise, but after a while, many babies use rolling over as their primary mode of transportation. If your baby isn’t rolling over, don’t be alarmed because some babies skip rolling over altogether and move straight to sitting, lunging, and crawling.

While some babies develop skills differently than others, if your baby hasn’t rolled over by the time they’re six months old or hasn’t moved on to sitting or trying to scoot or crawl instead, it’s important to bring it up to your doctor the next time you have a visit. Always remember that babies develop skills differently, and premature babies may reach milestones later than their peers.

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