When Do Babies Crawl?

when do babies crawl

At the beginning of their life, your baby is completely dependent on you to move around. Because of this, crawling is a huge milestone. It is the first move towards independence for your baby. Getting around on their own can give your baby a great sense of power and accomplishment, along with a huge boost to your baby’s self-esteem. It also leads towards more complex movements such as pulling up to stand, walking, and eventually running.

When do babies crawl?

Most babies begin crawling around the nine-month mark or later. However, some babies crawl as early as six or seven months, and some skip it altogether and go straight from sitting to standing and walking.

There are several different ways your baby can crawl, and each method requires strength and dexterity. The classic method, crawling on hands and knees, is the one most pictured when you think of a baby crawling, but your baby may also get around by using the bottom scoot method, the leapfrog method, or the bear crawl method. 

The bottom scoot is exactly how it sounds, meaning your baby will use their bottom to move across the floor. The leapfrog method requires your baby to get in a bridge pose and move by thrusting themselves forward. Lastly, the bear crawl method requires your baby to get in a downward-facing dog yoga position and waddle along the floor on their hands and feet.

There are many other ways your baby can crawl, but any mobility is an accomplishment. If you’re trying to encourage your baby to crawl, practice tummy time, propping your baby up to sit, and playing in the belly bait game.

If your baby has passed the nine-month mark and hasn’t started crawling yet, this is not a cause for concern. However, if they are behind in other development areas, such as language, social interaction, or other motor skills, it may be worth bringing it up to your doctor.

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