4 Must-Have Baby Items

4 must have baby items

Preparing for a new baby can be daunting, and there’s no shortage of baby items available for purchase. It can be overwhelming to decide which items you need and which you don’t. Aside from the basics – crib, bedsheets, bottles, and pacifiers – here are four must-have baby items.

4 Must-have baby items!

1. Newborn size diapers. Whether you are planning to cloth diaper or use disposable diapers, newborn size diapers are requirements. The newborn size diapers have a special cut out for your baby’s healing umbilical cord, and some even have wetness indicators to tell you when your baby needs to be changed. This allows you to avoid multiple trips to the changing table.

2. Scratch-proof mittens. Your baby’s nails start growing at the 12th week of pregnancy, and they never stop growing from there. Your baby’s nails can be tricky to maintain, but a set of quality scratch-proof mittens can keep your baby’s hands covered so they won’t scratch their face.

3. Healing ointment. This is a must for newborns with sensitive, soft skin. With a quality healing ointment, you can soothe and prevent diaper rash and moisturize dry skin. The best healing ointment should be preservative and fragrance-free and have all the quality ingredients for protecting your baby’s skin.

4. Sleep sack. Finally, a sleep sack can make swaddling a baby so much easier. Swaddling is an age-old soothing technique that creates the feeling of being inside the womb for the baby. You can swaddle with a regular blanket or swaddling blanket, but purchasing a sleep sack makes the process quicker and easier for the caregivers.

Whether you and your partner are purchasing baby items outright or you have a registry for friends and family, these four items should be on the list. It’s easy to get wrapped up in purchasing clothes, sheets, and toys, but don’t forget about these necessities.

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