What is a Sleep Coach?

what is a sleep coach

When it comes down to it, every baby needs to be sleep trained. Sleep training means only one thing, and it is all about helping your child learn to fall asleep on their own. This means that your baby will be capable of going down with their eyes wide open and fall asleep without the help of a parent, caregiver, or other props, such as a swaddle, pacifier, or moving car.

The sleep process can be draining for new parents, but sleep coaches are available to help.

What is a sleep coach?

A sleep coach is a person who can provide sleep solutions and techniques to families while helping them develop good sleep guidelines and practices. This allows for healthy sleep habits to develop. 

Not everyone needs a sleep coach. If you are starting to feel frustrated, exhausted, and beaten down, and your baby is not getting enough sleep each night, it may be time to hire a sleep coach to assist you in developing good habits and also provide relief and assurance.

You can start sleep training your baby from day one. Even though you need to adjust to your baby’s natural routine initially, it’s easy to fall into a schedule once you can predict your baby’s activities. Sleep training is all about being able to put your baby down in their crib and let them fall asleep on their own, but it’s okay to continue nighttime feedings if your baby is hungry.

Whether you want to start your baby off on the best foot possible or you have been feeling frustrated with your baby’s lack of sleep progress, you can hire a sleep coach. A sleep coach is someone who can come into your life and help you set up your routine and space for optimal sleep conditions. Not everyone needs a sleep coach, but if you and your baby are struggling, then a sleep coach can offer assistance and a sense of relief.

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