Programs for New Parents

  • Infants through toddlers
  • Help you and your partner get longer stretches of sleep
  • Give the latest evidence-based and research-based advice on pediatric nutrition
  • Teach you how to work through sleep regressions and work through growth spurts
  • Offer soon-to-be new parents a chance to get caught up on diaper changing, breastfeeding, swaddling & more Baby 101’s

Our Signature “NO Cry-it-Out” Method


It’s so hard as a parent when your baby is restless, waking on the hour (or more!), putting strain on your relationships and general health.

It’s hard to smile when your eyes are so heavy that you’re looking for your phone in the refrigerator or walking into rooms forgetting what you were looking for. Sleep deprivation is real!

Even if you think it might be a phase, a Baby Created Sleep© Consultation can help you get through sleep regressions, different phases of your baby’s development, and even ahead of time, when your little is still a newborn.

Planning ahead for sleep and getting sleep support when you need it as a new parent is a true gift of love. We are here for you and hope to hear from you soon. Sleep is so close! Learn more and schedule.

Things Change!

Just as soon as you get it down, something changes. Babies develop in different ways and at different speeds. What works for one child, might not work for the next. 

Together, we will look at any recent changes, and check in on developmental milestones.

We’ll make a carefully planned, loving and gentle sleep support plan to help your baby get his or her best sleep (so you can too.)

A Baby Created Sleep© refresher can help right when you need it most. We’ll integrate nutrition as well, making sure that your baby is getting healthy sleep and getting all of their needs met.

Contact us to schedule your Growth Spurt Sleep Refresher Sessions today. Book right here.


Eat. Sleep. Poop. New Parents 101


Everything for soon-to-be and new parents! This is one of my favorite sessions with parents. We’ll go over everything you’ll see in the first year.

These private, individualized sessions include education on nutrition in the first year from breastfeeding to introducing solids, healthy sleep patterns and tips, nursery set-up and the best products for sleep and newborn care, feeding positions, health and wellness, developmental milestones and more.

This course is more than the group classes offered in-person. Use as a supplement to those, or as a refresher course to get private, customized education for you and your partner in a safe place to ask questions and learn together.

Sign up today and pick your own dates and times.

Introduction to Solids


Baby is growing up right before your eyes! Somehow it’s already time to introduce solids and you want to ensure they are getting the best nutrition possible.

This course is educational but also fun! Don’t be afraid to let them get their hands dirty and learn how to handle food. 

If your baby is struggling with solids, or if you just want to know the latest in nutrition for babies and toddlers, this is a perfect course for parents.

Learn the best utensils for babies and toddlers as well as my favorite tips and tricks.

Ready to learn more about introduction to Solids? Schedule your very own day and time here.


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