Sleep by Rachelle


Sleep by Rachelle

Did you sleep like a baby last night... and wake up every 2 hours?

If you're exhausted from sleep deprivation, the Sleep by Rachelle program will help you get back to sleep... as soon as tonight!


When a baby is struggling to sleep, stay asleep, or fall asleep during normal sleep hours, it can exhaust parents and make everything seem harder. To make it worse, every baby book, mom group, and pediatrician has conflicting advice. As a result, many parents wonder why their baby is waking up, and when (or if) they’re ever going to get a full night’s sleep again. Worst of all, it can make parents question if they’re doing this whole “parenting thing” right.


But there is good news.


This sleepless, frustrating period doesn’t have to be “just a phase” that you and your new baby go through; you can actually work through it to get better sleep now… rather than later.

Rachelle Gershkovich Sleep Expert

Sleep by Rachelle is here to help.

Sleep by Rachelle is a sleep program specifically designed by Rachelle Gershkovich, author and expert on infant sleep and development. Thanks to her years of experience in baby sleep training, she’s crafted a sleep training method that takes babies and families individual needs into account. If you’ve ever wondered why your baby keeps waking up in the middle of the night and how to fix it, Rachelle can help.


Now available for sleep consultations across the U.S., Rachelle has been trusted by over 5,000 parents and babies who need sleep now.


Parenting is much easier when you've had a full night's sleep.