Home Blog Recipes Real Puffing 또또맘 리얼퍼핑 (PACK OF 3) - Cheese (Pack of 3)

Real Puffing 또또맘 리얼퍼핑 (PACK OF 3) – Cheese (Pack of 3)


Ddoddomom Real Puffing melts in the mouth, literally. And the small size is perfect for tiny baby hands. The process starts with selecting ingredients – only the best organic, environmentally friendly rice from Yangpyung. Even more, only newly milled rice is used to ensure the freshest quality. Because your baby deserves only the best. Real Puffing is made with organic brown rice and organic food powder without any artificial flavoring. Lightly seasoned with natural ingredients ensure it is safe and healthy for your baby to eat. The air-fried r


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